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Monday, March 17, 2014

What's With the Shamrocks, You Say?

Shamrocks  - a great visual for the holy trinity
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you.  

About those Shamrocks…. St. Patrick brought Catholicism to many a Pagan in Ireland. Being such lovely, nature-loving folk, it made sense that he gave lovely explanations of the holy trinity using a shamrock, which is pretty neat, I think.

So as you're drinking your green beer, or munching on cabbage, or whatever you'll do to celebrate the holiday, it might be nice to think of Old St. Patrick and whatever your holy trinity might be. Mind-Body-Spirit? Inhale-exhale-repeat? Think-Act-Feel?

And Did you ever wonder how the Death Date of the Patron Saint of Ireland has become a drinking holiday?

Well, think of what time of year it is.  Did you or any of your pals give up something for Lent?  

St. Patrick's day is, I believe, a very clever PR ploy. It's an excuse to set aside, for a day, the Lenten restrictions.


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